What I'm About

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How It all started

When I was growing up I remember hearing most adults I knew chanting the words....I hate my job, can't wait until the weekend, and expressing being unsatisfied with their life or career. This must have had an impact on me because I became determined to find a path where I enjoyed life and what I did.

I asked myself, what could I do which would bring me joy and at the same time, bring joy to most anyone around me?

Music.....for me music is what inspired me and still does. The only problem was I had no background or education in music. So at the late age of twenty-three I acquired my first guitar and proceeded down the road towards a career where music was central to everything I did. In the years to follow I became a songwriter, and those songs have opened countless doors in my life.

Today I speak, sing, write, consult, produce and facilitate international service tours to India and Thailand. My biggest joy is collaborating with others who wish to make a difference and make an impact in our communities and in our world. Lets create something amazing together. 

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