When you travel, be sure to return home with a smile.

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India Mantra Tour 2017

Our Mantra trips to India include amazing people from all over America. These trips attract outstanding individuals who wish for more than just a tourist experience. All have agreed to be of service and support the children in these pictures just by saying YES to our trip. We travel the uncharted journey of India's slum communities, schools, orphanage's and sacred ashrams and we even have a chance to visit, sing and interact with the new friends we meet.

We also see many beautiful sacred sites and ancient highlights of the culture of India.

Enjoy the photos, they reflect the sweet energy of our experience. And a HUGE thank you to the participants of our 2017 India Mantra Tour, it was a TRUE JOY traveling with you!

Thailand Mantra Tour 2017

Our 2nd Thailand Mantra Tour was so much fun! We visited a high school, a special needs home, an orphanage, a disability center and a hospital rehab center. Just look at the pictures and you will see for yourself.

A special shout out and HUGE thank you to Lori, Lane, Sandy and Wendy for being the inspiration for creating a 2017 Thailand Service Trip. We appreciate you and your wonderful open heart.

Please join us for our next trip to Thailand!


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Where Next?

I'm thinking maybe Tanzania.