BlissLight BL15 - Green


BlissLight BL15 - Green

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The BlissLights 15 has a current lead time of 2 weeks.

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- Transformer

The BlissLights 15 is the smaller and more economical version of the BlissLights 50. This product creates an enormous "universe of stars" that will wow you! It is designed for both commercial and home owner applications. This patented holographic technology uses a 15 mw laser module, which allows it to produce an effect that covers a large area. Watch thousands of moving pinpoints of green light dance in a pattern on a soft blue nebula cloud. It's truly amazing to see such a compact projector produce such an wide range of light.

The BlissLights 15 Green Firefly Effect – This laser appears the most crisp to the eye, and is a great color for 1st time BlissLights customers. You can use it to transform any event, Holiday, or moment with the magic of fireflies.


Use the BlissLights 15 for:

- Illuminate interiors of buildings such as hotels, museums, restaurants, nightclubs, event ballroom and tent venues, bedrooms, and hallways
- Holiday parties and seasonal displays
- Use it as an “Instant Holiday Light” by your Christmas tree

Product Details

- Dimensions: 4.4" x 4.4" x 7.4"
- Housing: Metal
- Laser Classification: FLPPS Class IIIa
- Laser Wavelength: 532 nm
- Laser Power Consumption: Up to 30 W
- Operating Temperature: -22F to 85F
- Projection Coverage: Up to 50' x 50'
- Warranty: One-year warranty

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