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GET READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS WITH THIS AMAZING DEAL! A $241 value now on SALE for $139. Control your firefly effect and boost the magic of BlissLights to the next level with Motion.


- 1 MOTION Green with built-in timer
- 1 Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries
- 1 Transformer
1 Ground Stake
1 Stand

*MOTION housing is made out of binary resin. Clip Is NOT included.
This indoor and outdoor unique light experience covers an area of up to 2500 sqft with thousands of moving pin points of light. Unlike previous firefly effects, you can now control your "firefly effect" with a simple click of a button. But we've added more bliss to the deal by including more ways to use your Motion! Within minutes, you can stake it or mount it it to any location without the need of purchasing additional accessories. It's the best "instant Holiday light" you've been looking for that has been redesigned to be the ultimate lighting experience--year-round!
 Explore your new options with Motion! Take it indoors and become an instant light designer with the NEW ways you can use your Motion.

Green is our most popular color and can be used on any surface indoors or outdoors.

The MOTION'S Green Firefly Effect – The Motion in Green looks amazing on trees and plants by creating that magical, moving “firefly” glow in your backyard. You can replace ordinary Christmas lights or spice up any existing Holiday display while eliminating the use of ladders and messy cords. But the magic is not limited to the Holiday season; you can use this light for weddings, parties, special events, and more. Light is your playground to make every day into a Holiday with the BlissLights Motion!

Use the MOTION Green for:
- Take the “fireflies” camping and surround yourself in a world of light
- Create a dazzling outdoor dinner scene
- Shower them on your guests for your next party
- Comfort children with a unique starry-night night light
- Transform the mood of any home with a universe of light
- Highlight arbors, backyards, bushes, gardens, walkways and more
- Use indoors or outdoors, you are only limited by your imagination
- And more…


1. Locate the two-copper socket inside the transformer provided.
2. Locate the two-prong side of the cord that comes with the fixture and  align directly to the two-copper socket. *Insert directly. 
3. Secure the water seal and plug it in into any standard AC outlet to turn on MOTION.  

Product Details

- Dimensions: 5.6" x 7.9" x 5"
- Housing: ABS
- Laser Classification: Class 2M
- Laser Wavelength: 532 nm
- Laser Power Consumption: 2-9 W
- Operating Temperature: -15F to 90F
- Projection Coverage: Up to 50' x 50'
- Timer: 6/18 timer
- Warranty: One-year warranty

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