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Soak In The Love retreat

Find you inner hippie. Well at least that is what this beautiful retreat reminds me of. Every year since the early 80's my friends and I have gathered at Breitenbush Hot Springs with about a hundred folks for a Coarse In Miracles focused music, movement, connecting, love fest. Thats as good of a description as any, it is like hanging out with your heart family.

If you would like to join us contact Mary Hart at 206.353.1901 or

Soak In The Love: A Course In Miracles Gathering

Love waits on welcome, not on time.

Our Loving Family of the Heart is Gathering once again to Soak in the Love and the warm waters at Breitenbush.

We come together to celebrate life, to open ourselves to Spirit, to experience Love, Peace and Joy and to be fully present with one another as we enjoy the hot springs and natural beauty of Breitenbush. We welcome everyone to share in this heart-opening retreat and Soak In The Love with us.

Robert and Chaka Varley, Charley Thweatt, Karl Anthony, Marshall and Shanti Norman, Maureen Levy and Mia Margaret will be present to help us open our hearts through music, singing, circle dancing, meditation, yoga, sharing, fun, laughter and tears.

REG & INFO: Mary Hart 206.353.1901
BEGINS: Fri dinner 
ENDS: Mon lunch 
COST: Adults $485 Fri-Mon, $375 Fri-Sun, includes lodging and meals. Children: 0-4 free, 5-10 $160 Fri-Mon, $125 Fri- Sun, 11-16 $235 Fri-Mon, $180 Fri-Sun, includes lodging and meals. (Early pay, adults only, $25 discount for Fri-Mon and $15 discount for Fri-Sun if paid in full by 2/15) 
DEPOSIT: Adults: $300 Fri-Mon, $235 Fri-Sun; Children: 2/3 of cost

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