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In her heartbeat, I feel the rhythm of her love, she lights up the universe.
— Karl Anthony

Please listen to this new recording and let me know if you think it would make a good music video. I am considering capturing footage on our next Mantra India Trip to put this track and these words to a music video which tells a story.

The encounters we have connecting with communities in India on our Mantra trips are life changing. Being able to share those experiences when we return in a music video would be amazing and if you would like to be part of that first hand, come along and travel with us. It is not too late and you CAN do this.

Your comments and music video ideas are deeply appreciated. To join us in February, send in your deposit and contact us today.

Do you feel welcomed?

Feel welcome wherever you go..

Feeling welcomed is an inside job. Whether it is traveling to India or traveling to the grocery store, wherever we go, there we are. Our mindset, our attitude, our opinions travel with us.

On my tours to India and other wonderful places in the world I find people are so welcoming and generous. When traveling with a group, our theme and focus is not about what we see, rather our focus is who will we BE through our amazing journey together.

Each year we stay in an ashram which is in the photo with my arms open wide. The Parmath ashram is in a beautiful mountain town of Rishikesh, nestled on the river Ganga.

It sounds elegant and in a way it is. Staying at an ancient ashram is amazing and yet it offers the opportunity to be in community and be in-sync with each other. It is unlike experiencing the private comforts of a hotel with cushy room service rather the type of service you enjoy allows you to really be with people and connect with each other at a deep level.

Of course we broaden our travel experience by staying in a few nice hotels but most of the group find they prefer the simple elegance of the ashram. Yes, the accommodations are more modest but the energy is open and the food is extra amazing since it is prepared with real love. And when else would I have a chance to live like a monk for a few days? With the right attitude, adjusting is as easy as breathing.

I think being able to gently adjust my attitude must be at the top of my list of important strengths to embody. Our expectations can throw us off sometimes when all that is needed is welcoming that which is in front of us. If you have felt lately something missing or any sense of not enough, practice feeling welcome wherever you go. Like I said, it is an inside job and our attitude can lead the way to a happier life.


The India Mantra SEVA Trip

You'll be welcomed with us in  India

You'll be welcomed with us in India

The Meaning Of Noi (sounds like Joy)

I met Noi in California four years ago...

Yes, I thought she was gorgeous but our relationship simply began as a new friendship in my life and a connection to someone willing to assist me to organize a service tour in Thailand, since Thailand is where she is from.

Our relationship blossomed and led straight to the joy in my heart. We celebrate each autumn coming together and cherish finding each other.

Her name Noi is a nickname and in Thai means little or small. Nicknames are very common in Thailand, it was Noi’s mother who gave her this name for Noi was very tiny and wore the name well. Noi’s birth name is Kanlayanee (which means beautiful woman) and if you heard me try to pronounce Kanlayanee properly, you would know why I am hugely grateful to her mother for anointing her simply, Noi.

What inspires me most about Noi is her ability to accept whatever experience is in front of her. A tragic car accident forced her into a wheelchair almost twenty-six years ago. Noi was only twenty-six years old when it happened so has now spent half her life in the unexpected necessity of the chair. I marvel in witnessing Noi embracing each day the life she has been given, even after that life-changing event altered so radically her future at such a young age.

A year before we met in California she lost her best friend and loving husband Denny of sixteen years to a sudden heart attack. Facing life's challenges with grace and beauty comes in handy with life and what I have noticed with Noi is that it doesn’t come across with her as something she insist’s on struggling with, rather it is part of who she is to be the observer of an experience rather than being controlled by it. Oh she feels the pain of loss deeply yet moves gracefully and steadily forward, breathing one breathe at a time.

Perhaps her buddhist upbringing helped to mold Noi’s generous and giving personality or she is simply lucky to be able to lean a little further towards joy rather than life’s sorrows. It is my joy to share a little about Noi with you and give you a small glimpse of her depth and inspiration in my life. We have had many fun adventures in the last two years and so I will share the rest of my story of Noi with a few special pictures. May you be reminded often by someone you love to lean a little more toward JOY on the other side of every challenge.



On My Way

Shall I leave or shall I stay?....decisions, decisions.

On My Way

On My Way

A few years ago I moved near the beach in a beautiful spot located near a very loud train. I was wondering if that palpable sound of the train would be a huge problem. Lucky for me I actually enjoy it, maybe its because I enjoy traveling and it reminds me of being on another adventure or reminds me of the welcoming feeling of returning home.

We all have decision to make and inspired by the sound of that train I wrote a song titled, ON MY WAY. It may be as close as I will ever get to writing a Johnny Cash style song. Give it a listen, perhaps it will help you with a decision you have been pondering lately. Most of the time our gut knows exactly what we want, it is connected to our deeper intuition and is just waiting for the rest of us to listen. Go ahead, listen to the entire song for free. The lyrics are below if you wish to read them.

You can order ON MY WAY and rest of the Hold The Sky cd, at my store.

On My Way

(by Karl Anthony, on the Hold The Sky cd)
On my way, I'll be on my way
Time to go, I hear that whistle blow
When you hear that train, that whistle blow
Must be time to go, on my way

On my way, I'll be on my way
Got to fly, got good reason why
Cause I feel that pull, guess my gut just knows
That's when its time to go, on my way

When you hear that call, go find a circus show
Its a sign its time to go, on my way

On my way, I'll be on my way
Time to ride, time to say bye-bye
Don’t you cry, darling dry your eyes
On my way, I'll be on my way
When you hear that train, with load in tow
Look like its time to go, on my way

On my way….on my way….on my way

On my way........ I'll be on my way
On my way........ I'll be on my way
On my way........ I'll be on my way



What if I look up, and I notice you?

Look Up

Look Up

I remember a time as I was walking down a busy street, I noticed people would look down as they passed by and would avoid looking up even if I said hello. On this particular day it felt like everyone was going out of their way to look the other way although I am sure it was nothing personal. I took notice that day because I had heard about another tragic school shooting in America and I was feeling a sense of sad numbness and wondered why are so many in our society feeling so isolated and alone.

There was a time when I performed for high school students all over the country and one of those communities were the students of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. I shared my music with them before that horrible shooting at their school. They were no different than any community living their life in America and they had no idea of what they were going to be asked to face.

After that tragic day I was asked to return to Littleton and offer any comfort I could. That experience will always be with me and whenever I hear of a similar act of violence I remember the importance of our need to be recognized and acknowledged. The greatest of all human needs is the need to feel connected with each other. I wrote a song which I call, Look Up. You are welcome to listen to it for free right here.

Life is full and often the things which matter most are the activities which receive little attention. They can be as simple as connecting with the person waiting on you at your table at a restaurant. When I was a boy my mom used to say to her friends that I had never met anyone that I didn't already know. This is probably because I would always would have conversations with any stranger, especially at restaurants. I enjoyed hearing mom say that about me and I sure hope I never lose that part of my personality.

Perhaps we all know each other more than we realize. We're human and even though the experiences we go through are widely different, the feelings we share all run through our hearts and minds in similar ways.

My song "Look Up" is a reminder to glance at each other with a little more kindness, especially those just walking by or those who serve us in our daily activities. You never know what another is going through at the time you happen to walk by them. A simple smile may be all that is required to offer a life altering moment. We create with our every action in life and have an opportunity to lift the vibe with our every interaction. The ripple effect we create can destroy or heal the world.

Next time you're in a restaurant, Look Up at your waiter or waitress and say hi...before you say place your order.

Please share your comments below.

Look Up

by Karl Anthony (from the Hold The Sky cd)

What if I look up and notice you
But I turn away, like so many do, as if I didn’t see you
When people look up, then the walls can come tumbling down
When you see a child, stare at your face
They want so bad, to walk in your shoes,
every child looks up to you
It all seems to matter, as we pass one another, we must look up
When people look up, then the walls can come tumbling down
We got to look up, then the world will look up
Now there’s a boy out there, who could take his life
He thinks no one cares,
so he withdrew, one smile is all he needs from you
And all those who hate, they need our love
Every move I make, is a chance to get through,
when I take time to know you
It all seems to matter, as we pass one another, we must look up
People look up, then the walls can come tumbling down
We got to look up, then the world will look up
We must look up…look up, look up
when people look up, we must look up…look up
when people look up…we must look up
What if I look up and I notice you,
but I don’t turn away, kind of like deja vu, like I already know you