When is the last time you felt like a SUPERHERO?

Khushi Taj #1.jpg
Khushi Taj #2.jpg

You have inside you a SUPERHERO!! Kids are fantastic reminders of how much fun we can have and how powerful we can be.

My godchild Khushi insisted on wearing her Wonder Woman costume to see the Taj Mahal. Needless to say she received more attention that day then the Taj but the best part is Khushi gave people permission to smile. She opened our hearts and all she had to do was be herself and enjoy the wonder of feeling like a superhero. The essence of who she truly is.

Our lives are rich and every human encounter is an opportunity to invite human connection. It doesn't have to be difficult for I notice on our service India trips that simply showing up and singing together creates such magical community vibrations. Our approach to service is first connect, then listen or be available, then share.

You may wonder if you have it in you to feel like a superhero. My suggestion is to learn from the very best,....learn from the children of the world. I had never intended on working with kids in my career or had any interest in writing children's songs. It was something that kept showing up for me so now I get to do that as well as write music for grown ups. In other words I continued to receive invitations and opportunities and learned early on that saying yes can open more doors than you could possibly imagine.

Where are the invitations coming from in your life and what are the opportunities which keep presenting themselves to you? Knowing what is next is not as difficult as we think when we are keeping our vision fixed on where we can shine. Thats right, be a superhero. Look for the places and the people where you feel your power, where your talents are appreciated and where you feel mutual respect.

The India Mantra Trips are an example of a door which flew open as a result of sharing my talents. Not only do I get to share this beautiful culture with amazing people from all over Canada and America, we get to contribute to the education of hundreds of kids so they can have a chance for a life off the streets.

Traveling to India may or may not pull on your heart but I encourage you to find out what does. Maybe that will give you some great costume ideas for halloween.

Also, even if you cannot join us in India in February, you can consider being part of our trip by supporting our outreach here. Thank you so much for that.

Khushi is not only a superhero, this week is her birthday. If you like, say happy birthday to the most inspirational wonder woman ever. I'll be sure she reads your comments.