Show Me The Way

Where does guidance come from?

When I call for help, who am I speaking to?


I like to think that this beautiful power or miraculous energy which exists in our universe is not outside of ourselves. It is all that is and it flows through our veins and surrounds all we are. The answers we seek must reside within ourselves for the asking. 

As confusing as living can be I find comfort asking life to show me the way. Considering that all the answers are embedded in the fabric of who we are allows us, when in confusion, to experience a tiny yet significant level of confidence. Ask yourself daily these four words, "Show Me The Way" and remember to be gentle with yourself and practice patience and trust. Rest assured your answer will soon be revealed.

So please give a listen to a new recording called SHOW ME THE WAY. It is a song/chant pre-release from my second Mantra CD to be available soon. For me my guidance tells me the only thing left to do is to keep writing, sharing and recording my music.

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Here is all you need:

A valid passport, a loving spirit and a desire to experience India in a wonderful and beautiful way. This is our 5th trip and I guarantee you will absolutely be grateful you chose to be part of this unique adventure. Find out more here and contact us right away.

Spontantious invitation from a Swami

Watch this moment last year in India when Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji spontaneously invited me to sing at the Parmath Ashram in Rishikesh. We call him Swamiji and you can see him on the far right side. The highlight for me was when my godchild Shivani joined me and we were able to share our hearts and our voices with this wonderful community. 

That morning we sang for children at an orphanage and that evening we sat on the banks of the River Ganga chanting with the Swami. Our India trips are magical.