Life is a Stretch...

I am in Thailand this month and delighted to be experiencing the wonderful traditional Thai massages. I wonder why it is called a massage? They are more like someone stretching your body for you, which is so amazing and beneficial. Not to mention the massage last for two hours and they are only $10. This for me is heaven.

A well lived life is a stretch and sometimes it is helpful to allow others assist in the stretching. Believe me a Thai massage can sometimes be a little painful but as you breathe into the pain it can actually hurt so good. The stress and tension relaxes and eventually all is well with the world.


It makes me think of where do I need a little encouragement to stretch and see beyond my limitations? As you may already know I have been inviting people to join me on international trips for many years. These are not typical sight seeing trips although we see plenty but rather travel with a clear purpose of service. We have journeyed to Russia, China, Australia, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Thailand and our next trip is to India. These are very special trips and literally hundreds of people tell me they wish to participate and even sometimes sign up for the trip to then find a reason to put it off. 

I certainly understand how life can get in the way of our passionate desires but what is life for anyway? What you always wished for and wanted to do is the passion which fuels your heart. And who you wish to share your time and creativity with is a great reason for living. Life is a blink of time and now in this moment is the best chance you have to live it.

Stretch a little today and maybe even take the chance to speak with that special friend who you know will encourage your highest dreams. Be sure to bypass the people who align with all your reasons why not to move forward and think that is keeping you safe. Being truly safe is just as my dear friend Richard Levy always said, is living fully, loving well and learning how to let go.

Namaste my friends...