If not now, then when?

Every December I am invited to Seattle to bring my Laser Blisslights and present a Winter Solstice Mantra concert. How I wish you could join us. Go ahead, hop on a plane and let's celebrate together in Seattle.

I guess that is not so practical but wouldn't it be nice sometimes to follow our adventurous and spontaneous spirit and simply take off for a little time for ourselves? This last week has been so inspiring to watch how many people have signed up for my Mantra India service trip. We now have over 20 people and the reason I keep hearing from folks is that life is brief and if not now, then when?

This year I have lost a very close friend and been with other friends who are going through difficult life transitions. I also have shared time with families who have lost their precious child. I have to say these challenging experiences have deeply affected me, perhaps even changed me. Maybe rather than changed who I am, they have strengthened a part of me to be available for those I cherish.

Years like this can sometimes feel like a soul cleansing. Like parts of you are being washed away that are no longer needed. That is a good thing as we grow and become stronger throughout the process.

Life is a constant teacher and each moment is a precious opportunity of living well and loving fully. The learning to let go is a tough lesson but with practice it does seem to be getting a little easier.

So as we end another year remember to embrace the change within yourself and grab onto what is next for your next chapter. Because life is brief, and if not now...then when?