OM Shanti

This year has been an emotional roller coaster for I have a dear friend who is courageously embracing the end of his life. Myself and my other good friends who know him well find ourselves in complete shock as he among all of us was the healthiest and it appeared like he would be the last one standing. Cancer is such a mysterious intruder.

 I recall several years back during the time my marriage was ending when emotions were very raw and they insisted to live on the surface of my every thought. I did all I could to push them away but the pain continued. In India I learned to gain strength by chanting Om Shanti over and over again. 

Om represents the actual vibration and sound of our universe. And Shanti simply means peace.  After chanting these two words for what appeared to be a sweet and long period of time, I began singing the lyrics of my new song, In My Awakening. The first words out of my mouth were.....still my mind. (be at peace)

In My Awakening.....Om Shanti...Om Shanti...Om Shanti...

Still my mind, be at peace

In my awakening, I release

With my heart, free my soul

In my awakening, I am whole

As I love, and as I give

In my awakening, I choose to live

Give me strength, shine your light

In my awakening, be with me tonight

All I believe, and all I know

In my awakening, I let go

Fill me with hope, conquer my fear

In my awakening, my peace is here
— In My Awakening on Karl Anthony's INDIA cd