A Year To Love Well, Live Fully and Learn To Let Go

If you have read my blog posts last year you would know that today's theme is inspired by my dear friend Richard Levy. He was one who truly loved well and lived fully and as he prepared for his death in September, I witnessed him master the art of letting go.

Richard was a teacher who reminded us that the present moment was all there is and at the end of our life the only questions that mattered are, did I love well, did I live fully and did I learn to let go? His words ring in my ear like a song which opens the heart to new possibilities. The new year is simply just another moment in time but it also holds a unique energy where humanity visualizes on a collective agreement to begin again. A time to reset our intentions for our life. This is a powerful thing to do.

I remember a specific moment only a few days before Richard passed. He said to me that he would never have imagined that this was how his life was going to end. He then smiled and looked deep into my soul and said, "it really is all about now".

Having goals and a list of things you wish to achieve is fine as long as your resolution includes being fully available to your heart's desire. We wish for happiness and yet pursue all the daily distractions which keep it out of reach. Well, you have breath in your lungs and with that another moment to love well today.

I am able to live more fully today because of my good fortune of meeting Richard and his wife Maureen. Great friends are a wonderful gift. I encourage you to this year seek out those special people who you adore hanging out with and who absolutely adore hanging out with you. I have a feeling that this year is going to be your best year yet.

Maureen & Richard Levy

Maureen & Richard Levy