All You Need Is ...?

Photo captured in India at the Mantra India SEVA Trip.

What I get to do in my career is gently remind people, it will be ok. Keep moving forward one step at a time and know in your heart that all will work out in the end.

Music and the healing arts have always played a roll in keeping me grounded to that essence inside myself which ultimately I call love and which focuses my direction in life. Being inspired by music and those simple song titles from artist like the Beatles, James Taylor and so many others put me on the path to find my own music which now I share with you and the whole world.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to share your unique gifts. Or you could be wondering what is your to do. Everyone has unique talents and I encourage you to express yours. It is a wildly wonderful blessing and a mystery to experience this beautiful life. And the only way to make it even more magical is deciding to share who you are and how you can best embrace and enjoy it.

Life is short. And I am reminded by something my dear friend and mentor Richard Levy often said at the close of his talks. I have mentioned them before and they are worth repeating. He stated 3 questions to consider at the end of ones life. Here they are...

All You Need Is Love....and a really cool scarf for this picture.

All You Need Is Love....and a really cool scarf for this picture.

Did I love well? Did I live fully? Did I learn to let go?

Richard would then follow up by saying not to wait and ask yourself these questions now.

Do I love well? Do I live fully? Have I let go?

So once we direct our energy in saying yes to Richards 3 questions, we are on our way to doing what we are here to do and being who we are here to be.

I enjoy being a guide. What do you enjoy doing? I would love to hear your comments. Over the years it has been an honor for me to mentor youth, lead international tours, perform and speak for large audiences, and help guide others to share their passions and talents in the world. Staying inspired is not always easy and I have had many wonderful people help to guide me along the way.

It is possible for you to lean into your life passion and often small steps are all that are necessary. I have found these tiny moves taken towards being myself allows life to take a positive move towards me. This is the perfect place to begin and there is no better time than now.

Lets keep in touch for I have a few new fun announcements to share with you over the next few weeks. The creativity is flowing and I wish to include you in all the enchanting details.

All You Need Is Love? Well, we may need a little more than love, but that sure is a really good start.

Keep singing,