Do you feel welcomed?

Feel welcome wherever you go..

Feeling welcomed is an inside job. Whether it is traveling to India or traveling to the grocery store, wherever we go, there we are. Our mindset, our attitude, our opinions travel with us.

On my tours to India and other wonderful places in the world I find people are so welcoming and generous. When traveling with a group, our theme and focus is not about what we see, rather our focus is who will we BE through our amazing journey together.

Each year we stay in an ashram which is in the photo with my arms open wide. The Parmath ashram is in a beautiful mountain town of Rishikesh, nestled on the river Ganga.

It sounds elegant and in a way it is. Staying at an ancient ashram is amazing and yet it offers the opportunity to be in community and be in-sync with each other. It is unlike experiencing the private comforts of a hotel with cushy room service rather the type of service you enjoy allows you to really be with people and connect with each other at a deep level.

Of course we broaden our travel experience by staying in a few nice hotels but most of the group find they prefer the simple elegance of the ashram. Yes, the accommodations are more modest but the energy is open and the food is extra amazing since it is prepared with real love. And when else would I have a chance to live like a monk for a few days? With the right attitude, adjusting is as easy as breathing.

I think being able to gently adjust my attitude must be at the top of my list of important strengths to embody. Our expectations can throw us off sometimes when all that is needed is welcoming that which is in front of us. If you have felt lately something missing or any sense of not enough, practice feeling welcome wherever you go. Like I said, it is an inside job and our attitude can lead the way to a happier life.


The India Mantra SEVA Trip

You'll be welcomed with us in  India

You'll be welcomed with us in India