Setting Aside The Time

I treasure moments where I stop and get off life's roll-a-coaster for a while. Not as easy as it sounds but it is always a welcome retreat and chance to think. My family is flying from several states and we meet in the majestic city of Rome which begins our journey to the birthplace of our mother.

Our pilgrimage to Italy with family is one of those moments to reconnect with each other and remember our beginnings growing up in an environment of love. Mom would be thrilled to know we will be together and visiting the little town where she was born, especially on Mother's Day. Mom had only few memories from her time in Bagni de Lucca but they were all full of wonder and even sounded magical. 

She often spoke of a small bridge in the center of town where everyone would greet each other and you could see the Tuscan valley for miles. It was described as a simpler time when life was slower and people took time to stop and visit. Perhaps this added to her life her capacity to care. 

One thing I love about my mother is her ability to care or love. I appreciate growing up in a loving home so much more now as an adult having witnessed in my travels so many children who are not so lucky.

As I meet with my sisters and brother in laws in Rome the excitement builds. I am grateful for the opportunity to take this journey and in tribute to Flora (Mom). Also I am very proud of us for setting aside the time. 

Life brings with it a wealth of joy mixed with all levels of pain and even regret. I am sure this will be one of those good memories which will last a long while. As a young man I may have thought I could avoid regret if I simply chose a life path doing the things I loved most, like music. This certainly has brought enormous joy into my life but I realize, escaping the ebb and flow of life's unique dynamics (ups & downs) is missing the point and second guessing yourself is unavoidable. So smile when you can, travel well and remember, when life is good, say that it is good. You never know what is right around the corner.



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