Can A Song Change Everything?

Can a song change everything? And when I say everything I mean the direction of my thinking mind? Writing a song is a therapeutic process, I highly recommend it. My Hold The Sky song has open doors and has taken my life into a whole new direction and has opened my eyes to an emerging new world. The world I am referring to is the acceptance of healing arts as an avenue to heal our communities, society and our world.

Over ten years have gone by since I was invited into a children's hospital and asked to work with medical staff and introduce my music in a therapeutic context. The power of music is well documented but I mostly observe that music and art are doorways which allows human connection to unfold. Healing thrives in the warmth of genuine connection.

Stress is a common representation of disconnection so being at ease aids in healing and even activates our feelings of security. What if art and music were elevated in society to a level where it were used in the fabric of everyday life? Imagine our cites being a place where you were surrounded by beautiful art and empowering music. I was once asked, if there were one thing I would change which I thought could make the most difference, what would it be? My response is to cultivate a new level of appreciation for art and music in society and beginning first with our children.

Human connection is the healing secret and yet we still have a system and commercial interest which demands our attention to feel disconnected, off balance and even not enough. This way they can provide us a product or service which brings us back around to what we ultimately desire, human connection. I believe this is too high of a price to pay and encourage we spend our precious time lifting the vibration as we can and introducing as much beauty into our environment as we possibly can. Trust me, you will feel better.

For me, creating a new song changes everything, and I look forward to creating another. You have talents which are eager to be expressed and the world always needs more creativity, art and music. And remember when we create and children are encouraged to create, all of society wins.