Pura Vida is Pure Life

Living in Pura Vida

My friend Kalli captured this picture of me and my buddy Christian with his son (and my godchild) Trevor. We were experiencing Pure Life, or as they like to say in Costa Rica, Pura Vida. That was the day which inspired me to write a song you can listen to right now. Yes, it is called Pura Vida and it is on my new cd, Hold The Sky.

My producer Dave Blackburn captured the feeling just right as it was his idea to add the sounds of Seagulls on a beach before the band kicks in. The chorus is simple....Lets do nothing, absolutely nothing, and take ALL day to do it.

Life is full so when you do finally take the time to chill out, be sure it is a Pura Vida moment.

Feel free to share this song with a friend who could use a little Pura Vida. I would enjoy hearing your comments as well. Thank you!