What do I believe?

Our vision breathes life into our ideas. Thinking things up is only a seed of possibility which awaits and is eager to be pulled by our beliefs and that vision.

Most of the time when I have something new to offer, it can be an unnerving and slightly vulnerable place to be. I love being a songwriter and will most likely be one until my last breath. I can imagine this only because writing another song is always floating around somewhere in my thoughts.

What I believe tends to be an ever changing story but who I am and who we are in our hearts remain familiar, perhaps the same even as we continue to blossom.
I believe life is a random wild ride and the genuine moments we are able to capture and share with others are the grand prize.

What I desire is a closer connection with my community and a receptive ear to hear the music which flows me.

What do you believe?

Listen to the song, I Believe.