HOPE (Here I Am)

LISTEN to the song....HOPE.

Hope (Here I Am)
by Karl Anthony
I have hope, in the brilliance of this moment
I have hope, in the wonder of my life
I am free, letting go of all that binds me
No more doubt, listen here, I have hope
I have hope, in a fire deep inside me
I have hope, in the passion in my heart
I can see, the allure of my illusions
No more doubt, listen here, I have hope

    I believe and I accept
    Take me to the edge of happiness
    And if my tears should fall
    Walk me to the chapel of hope
Here I Am

I wrote a song called HOPE. I'm hoping you take a brief moment to listen for free. Then share it for I believe this song can lift the heaviness from the day. That is a good enough reason to keep making music, the right song elevates life's ups and downs.

The download of the song HOPE and my entire Hold The Sky album is available at this link. It would mean a great deal to me if you included it in your music collection. Buying my music is an encouraging vote for me to keep creating. Of coarse as a songwriter I will always be pulled to write another song for it is like breathing to me, but it sure means the world to me when these songs boost your day and enrich your life even a little while we keep moving forward.

The (KA)SongBlog is designed to introduce a single song to listen for free. Your comments are always welcome.

The physical copy of the Hold The Sky cd is expected to arrive by Feb 14th. Now that's what I call a great Valentine. And to all who pre-ordered the Hold The Sky cd, you will be the first to receive yours in the mail. Thank you so much!

*And thank you to Creative Commons and Pixabay for the use of the photo in this blog.