Mantra India Tour

You Are Closer Than You Think

Like in this game of horseshoes, you are closer than you think to where you wish to be. I took this photo while playing horseshoes with my friend Christian. We both stared intently from all the angles trying to determine which of us won the point. In other words, which horseshoe was closest to the pole. We finally decided it was a tie and both of us deserved the point.

I hear many people expressing feelings of overwhelm these days and have experienced those uncomfortable sensations myself lately. It doesn't feel good and can be confusing as random self imposed expectations flood your thoughts. We all have a creative mind and wish to be productive with our time and energy. I am reminded during my overwhelming moments what I often observe in India on our Mantra Tours. The people and children we visit even in the poor villages remember JOY. Being busy does not need to be a curse. Experiencing JOY is closer than we think for it lies within the life we are choosing and living each day.

My friend Beejal & I where recently discussing the level of sadness we see in the faces of people we know and in the general public. It is time to be at home where JOY lives. Moving gently towards doing the things you love is a great place to begin. When is it right to simple do what you enjoy and have always wanted to do? Perhaps that time is now. It is what we crave and desire. To be an authentic and joyful breathe of fresh air with everyone we encounter. 

This is what your community and the world needs most. A reminder that it is ok to be in your JOY. You deserve to be happy and that happiness is closer than you think.

Bring the JOY before you arrive.
— Karl Anthony

Is India calling your heart to visit?

February is a great time to travel to India. The weather is so beautiful. I guess that is the original reason why I picked February to go for my first visit. The invitation came from my dear friends, Beejal & Yogi Parmar. I am the proud Godfather of their two wonderful daughters, Shivani and Khushi.

Five years ago on my first trip, my life was changed by an invitation to sing for a school in a slum area in New Delhi. The students and community were beyond appreciative and showed me that joy is not contained in what we have. They openly gave to me that day and now I share their love and pure joy with all who travel with me to India.

There are many different ways to see India and if you have ever said to yourself, I always wanted to go to India, then seeing it up close will open your heart beyond measure. Singing with me to the hundreds of kids we meet is a beautiful way to bring smiles and be of service to the sweet faces which will personally greet you. What we receive in return is a life changing moment in time and an brief encounter with our own humanity.