Thailand Seva 2020 Full Payment


Thailand Seva 2020 Full Payment

from 4,068.50

*3% is added when paying with Credit Card. To avoid this charge, send money order to Karl Anthony Music, PO Box 130296 Carlsbad, CA 92013

Adjusted totals below.

Double occupancy $3950.00 plus 3% = $4068.50

Private Room - additional $945 = $4895.00 plus 3% = $5041.85

Couples/Bring A Friend ($7900 - $400 DISCOUNT) = $7500 plus 3% = $7725 for Two People in one room

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Do NOT book your international flights until you hear from us personally to communicate that the trip is confirmed.

* For cancelations within 60 days of departure date, $1500 is non-refundable due to securing hotels, ground transportation and coordination and administration cost.

You will receive a FULL REFUND if our trip is cancelled for any reason.

Thank You