Consider Hosting a House Concert

...for as little as 20 people.

Indoor or outdoor.

Indoor or outdoor.

Everyone loves a party!

Everyone loves a party!

Food & Music bring people together.

Food & Music bring people together.

What is a House Concert?

A house concert is inviting your friends over who appreciate listening to LIVE music. It is people who value experiencing and supporting the arts along with a meaningful cause.

A house concert is an intimate gathering which allows Karl to share the real stories which inspired each song. Do you know people who would love to be invited? As little as a $25 donation each to Karl's Angel Outreach will make it possible to support LIVE music and Karl's humanitarian work at the same time. Or, you can also decide to finance the house concert yourself and have it be a special gift to your friends.

We can help you host a Karl Anthony house concert and send more information, contact our office today.

Being a host is a huge help and allows Karl's work to reach places he would never be able to go if not for people like you.

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Sharing my music is what opens the doors for new connections and wonderful opportunities to serve.

When you host a house concert, you are filling your home with good other words, your family and friends. I look forward to meeting them.

Thank you...


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