3 Ways To BOOST Karl Anthony's Outreach.

HOST a concert, SHARE The Music or simply give a GIFT.

The puppy in the above picture crossed our path in New Delhi during one of our Mantra India Trips and was well loved up by the entire group. A heart connection was instant and as a result both the puppy and everyone walking by watching us received a generous wave of JOY.
It turned into another opportunity to get complete strangers singing together.
Thank you for believing in me and in a vision of elevating joy, healing arts and character education through music and community events. It is an honor to ally with you as we share the love and human connection on this creative magical journey.
And also, thank you for supporting kids through our SEVA Mantra Trips and Strike-A-Chord school programs. Your gifts help me to distribute and record music for thousands to enjoy for years to come. You are helping to lift the vibration of the universe and uplift every child and adult we encounter.
ANGEL gifts make the impossible, delightfully possible and allow many to experience the live presentations around the world.

Karl Anthony Music (Angel Fund)

Share The Music

For as little as $3 each, you can assist me to gift a Strike-A-Chord CD to children in parts of the world where families cannot afford them. I travel across America and around the world to India, Thailand, Central and South America and soon Africa. Your support allows me to offer my music and concerts to communities who do not have the resources and now it is easy to contribute and make a difference through this website. You can even request to have your gift be in honor of someone special in your life.  If requested I will even contact that special individual personally and thank them, and maybe even sing them the Angel Song.
PS  *CD prices are near cost so we can Share The Music together with as many children as possible. 

Host A Concert

If you can throw a party, you can host a Karl Anthony concert.
Bring the good vibrations to your community and create plenty of goodwill at the same time.
A few ideas:
  • Theater Concert
  • Dinner Concert
  • House Concert
  • Kirtan Concert
  • Laser Mantra Concert
  • School Assembly
  • Fundraising Concert
  • Community Concert
  • Outdoor Concert
  • Conference
  • Retreat
  • Special Event Party
Go to our Be A Host page and fill out the form to get things rolling.



Give A Gift

Your Contribution
100% of every gift goes to support the Karl Anthony Music Outreach Angel Fund.
Thank you, I appreciate your generous contribution and will value the trust you instill in me to spread its reach out to the world.
Thank you so much,

Please put a smile on the faces of these kids, music is the perfect way to engage minds and lift spirits. Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for being an Angel by supporting
my music and its outreach in the world .
— Karl Anthony