A true professional, gentleman and a truly gifted musician. Loved your music and the magic you work with the crowd.
— Julie Wees - conference producer


A Keynote-Concert welcomes interaction. And my speciality is engaging the audience.

A musical concert can be a life changing moment. And when you blend mind expanding ideas with heart warming stories, the mix is life confirming. I share real life stories of our common humanity and then follow with a song composed from my personal experiences. This combination makes an event deeply memorable.

I am happy to discuss designing the ideal presentation for your event. 


In a fast paced world, people hunger for a genuine,
real and hopeful perspective. When booking a speaker, consider a keynote-concert delivered by Karl Anthony.

Your audience will receive a presentation which is uniquely authentic and always touching on what matters most in peoples lives.

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  • Service

  • Gratitude

  • Wellness

  • Social Action



  • Community Engagement

  • Healing Arts



Fill the room with good vibrations.

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A captivating and enthralling performance.
— Los Angeles Times
In all the years I have been doing this, it was the first time we ever had a chair Ovation. I saw the whole audience standing on their chairs with enthusiasm!
— Betty Ford, FCCLA

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