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Do you have an experience where music or art improved your health or well being?

“I am an Advocate for the ARTS, and share music with patients in a children’s hospital setting.

Our immune systems are strengthened as human connection occurs. Music is the best tool I have found to facilitate that connection.”

Tell your story.

Share your experience of when you or someone you care about were supported, comforted and even vitalized through a health condition using music or other forms of the arts. Share how it allowed you to feel better and eventually contributed to you getting better.

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ARTS in Healthcare

A special community is rapidly growing.

It is people like you who advocate for the arts by sharing a story of how music or art play an important role in your life, health and overall wellness,. Once you do this with me, you have become an Advocate for the ARTS in Healthcare.

The more first-hand testimonies we collect, the faster we can spread the desire for the arts to be included in our healthcare system.

Your story helps to expand the work of ARTS in Healthcare and broaden the awareness worldwide.

Allow your words to be added to the testimonies of thousands and contribute to important data which states, 'art is not only for entertainment but can ease pain, reduce anxiety, and welcome in healing and mood altering endorphins to any patient, even a child.' I have seen how music and art open the door to human connection and I am honored to join with you as an enthusiastic advocate for art in healthcare.

Visual art, music, dance, creative writing, drama, story telling, comedy, drumming, design, songwriting and many other facets of the creative arts are life affirming and stress reducing. And they release our body’s own pain reliever, endorphins, which are our best and natural mood enhancers waiting in all of us to be released.
— Karl Anthony
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The Arts In Healthcare
by Karl Anthony

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Talented artists who care are living in your community. Yet there are more important things to consider than musicianship and fine artistry to be an effective healing artist.
When healing arts are introduced in a hospital setting, I have seen patients become instantly alert and willing to move their bodies after days of sedentary depression and often they will actually sing from the top of their lungs with enthusiasm and pure joy. Music is a connector and its secret is how it opens the channel for which human connection can take place.

The arts allow for an authentic human interaction to take place and that gentle receptivity reduces anxiety, improves mood and reduces stress.

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Being fully present and available once the emotional walls dissolve is a beautiful and important responsibility and being sensitive and accepting to another person's discomfort is a key qualification of every healing artist.

As a musician I can appreciate the space between each note for without those spaces, there would be no music, no rhythm, no melody or harmony.
With this in mind it certainly does not hurt to find an artist who is a good listener. This being another key qualification and talent which will help the hurt melt away.

Hold The Sky

A child in a hospital once told me that receiving chemotherapy was like having an earthquake inside them. When I responded, “What do you mean?”, they said it was like the ground was shaking inside them.  

Deeply moved I asked, “What do you do when the ground is shaking inside you?”  The child’s reply was, “Hold The Sky.”  

I simply smiled and said, “Let’s write a song called, Hold the Sky.”


Top Benefits of Healing Arts

  • ..lower blood pressure, reduced heart rates and feeling less pain.

  • ..a catalyst for psychological balance, improved mood and reduction of stress.

  • ..use of art and music stimulates connection and conversation.

  • ..patients are calmer and less anti-anxiety medication need be prescribed.

  • ..healing arts actually aids in healing.

How To Spot A Healing Artist

  • ..they are perfectly matched with what they do.

  • wish everyone was a happy as they are.

  • ..after you meet them, you feel pleasantly different.

How To Become A Superb Healing Artist

  • your unique talents and enhance them a little each day.

  • ..share those talents which comes easy to you.

  • what you are here to do


Articles on Healing Arts Research

Take Two Songs And Call Me In The Morning

Music, art, human connection...make everything feel better.
— Karl Anthony