Karl Anthony and the National Strike-A-Chord with KIDS School Assembly

Consider hosting a Community Character Building Assembly or Concert!!

Guaranteed to raise the respect and appreciation quota at any school or village.

I have performed at thousands of schools, conferences and camps all over the world and have seen first hand the power of music to teach, build, and inspire young minds and engage hearts. I look forward to working with you, your students and your community.
— Karl Anthony

Song Titles

  • Never Treat A Cat Like A Dog
  • I Can Do Anything
  • Lose Like A Winner 
  • I See Good In You
  • Feed The Brain
  • Eat Something Green
  • I Am Who I Am
  • Dare To Be Me
  • Who Do You Think You Are?

People are talking...

I've attended countless assemblies over the years and can say, without a doubt, that this was the best one ever! To keep approximately 400 children actively engaged and responsive is difficult (to say the least!).  But Karl did it, and he was totally age-appropriate which isn't always the case.  An even greater testament to his impact is the fact that the children still remember many of the songs and motions long after he was gone.  I got two of the CD's and play them in the classroom often...thank you.
Lee Ann  (Teacher)
That was as close to a rock concert for primary kids as you can get. The kids really did have a great time. Karl was so engaging and fun. It was amazing because when Karl said for the children to all stand up, the teachers all held their breath wondering what kind of chaos was going to follow. But it never happened.
The kids were joining in and following all of his directions because they were so involved. It was one of the best assemblies I have ever seen.
Margaret (Teacher)
I enjoyed Karl and Strike-A-Chord as much as the kids did!  The music and movements are so appropriate for our kids.  I loved the way he included and interacted with the kids.  Every child was engaged and participated, especially our special needs kids who rarely get that from an assembly. 
We are still singing and signing "Angel" in the classroom.   I would love for Strike-A-Chord to come back again, and maybe have time with just the teachers. 
Connie (Teacher)
This was great!  It had a great message.  It kept the students and teachers entertained and at the same time reminded them how to be respectful and kept the focus on the activity at hand.  
The interactive parts were fun and meaningful.  It was great to have teachers participate and have students seeing them in a different role.  I loved it and so did my students.
Bonnie  (Teacher)
All the teachers were extremely impressed with the performance.  As for myself, I thought it was the best assembly I have ever seen.  
Karen (Teacher)
One word...WOW!  Strike-A-Chord was awesome. My kids just loved it and the music was so great.  Karl is really spectacular with kids, even kindergartners!
Jennifer (Teacher)
is the most
mind engaging,
kid friendly,
result producing,
joy generating
on the PLANET!
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All ages love Karl Anthony's  Strike-A-Chord  music!

All ages love Karl Anthony's Strike-A-Chord music!

Karl’s Strike-A-Chord music is so relevant and uplifting for everyone. Please come back every year.
— Jim (Teacher)
I just want you to know how many positive comments I heard regarding the Strike-A-Chord assembly.  Karl was awesome with the students. 
Our students are still singing and signing and doing the movements. Not only were the students active participants, the staff enjoyed the assembly as much as the kids!  I heard nothing but wonderful comments from staff members as they exited the gymnasium.  Many stated the Strike A Chord assembly was the best assembly we have ever had!
Diane (Principal)
I loved the assembly and I know the children did too!   They ask me to play the "Bear Hug Song" all of the time.  I would love to see Strike-A-Chord back again next year and I thought it was a wonderful idea to have a family night so parents could see what their children were talking about.
Pam (Teacher)
I thought the assembly was the best I've ever attended.  The children were engaged, excited, and yet still respectful.  They talked about the songs for several days afterwards. I'd like to see Strike A Chord again next year.
Kathy  (Teacher)
The Karl Anthony Strike-a-Chord performance was one of the best I have attended with my students.  The children were engaged the entire time, listening and being able to add motions and movement.  At the end of the performance, the boys and girls sang all the songs themselves so easily. 
After we returned to our classes and were lining up at the end of the day, one of my little first graders said "Mrs. Allen, you are my angel".  Needless to say that made my day!
Lois  (Art Teacher)