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Oh what a night! up close and we thoroughly loved hearing the stories behind your inspired music. A wonderful experience!

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Live Music in your home

Live Music in your home

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Indoor or Outdoor Concert

Fundraising Party!

Food & Music bring people together.


What is a House Concert?

A house concert is inviting your friends into your home who appreciate and support LIVE music, and who value a meaningful cause. It is a chance where I get to share not only my music but also about the humanitarian work I am involved with throughout the world.

Can you imagine hosting a small Party with a Purpose?

House Concerts are intimate gatherings like a party of 25 or more people. For as little as a suggested donation of $25 to $35 from each guest, everyone will enjoy live music, fun, community and at the same time support our Outreach Angel Fund, which allows the music and service work to continually reach out and expand.

*You also have the option to decide to finance the house concert yourself and have it be a special gift for your guests. Simply inquire about my House Concert Minimum Fee.

Outreach Angel Fund

These special evenings help fund multiple service projects to reach underserved communities along with supporting my music. You will be helping to support: *International service supporting orphanages, schools, disability centers and an elephant rescue sanctuary in Thailand. Character education music in schools in America, advocacy for healing arts in hospitals and wellness facilities, music production and free music sharing projects, concerts in prisons and more.

Being a host is an enormous support and it helps me to continue to do what I can to elevate our society.

As a host you are an important valuable friend and ally and a partner with our Outreach in the world. Thank you for joining with me to expand our impact. I am excited we are doing this together and look forward to creating this event with you.


Sharing my music is what opens the doors for new connections and wonderful opportunities to serve.

When you host a house concert, you are filling your home with good other words, your family and friends. I look forward to meeting them.

Thank you...


Live Music brings people and the world together.

Live Music brings people and the world together.


How it works…

This is your home, so lets collaborate together to manage the event to your taste and liking. Before scheduling the time and date lets discuss any questions or concerns.


Yes, I like encouraging refreshments or dessert or even a yummy dinner or community potluck prior to the concert. Food is always a nice bonding experience and it is also perfect for bringing folks together. 

*With that said, food can also be more work and expense so including refreshments or dinner is completely your decision.

To Do List

  • Schedule Date & Time

  • Compile a list of people you wish to invite

  • Decide how to keep track of RSVP’s (collect peoples email & phone)

  • Remind guests one week prior and again one day before event. Even if they have RSVP’d

What I Provide

  • Designed Promotional Poster

  • Promotion Support

  • Small Sound System and Set Up

  • Concert


What Others Are Saying

Dear Karl

I can't put into words how very grateful I am for the special evening that you created for my friends and myself. Yes, I am basking in the afterglow of the most amazing, magical experience I have had for a very long time. It was a celebration! Your music supports the heart of challenge, change and hope. 

It was above and beyond my expectations and for my friends I know each one was touched in a very special way. Most fitting that the evening was as uplifting for them as they have been for me. 

The additional gift was the magic you created in the lighting.  Oh Karl, the beauty, whimsy, star sparkle and your music took ours hearts to the next level.

I wanted to let you know what a delightful impression you made on my friends. I've attached their responses to the evening.  Enjoy and know you touch lives in the most beautiful way.  Thank you for giving so generously and graciously to all of us.

All the best,


HOUSE CONCERT Guest Comments


Your show was such a special gift.

"Oh what a night..." It was amazing and loads of fun.

Totally enjoyed myself, thank you for a lovely evening.

Thank you! It was super great!

I can honestly say I felt true joy and I haven't felt that in quite some time. Lovely music!!

I want so much to thank you again. I'm still feeling "good all over”.

I had a wonderful time. Thank you!!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful music and this beautiful experience with me.

What a super night! Everything was great - Great Music, great lights and super people!

This backyard house concert was a wonderful gift to all of us!

It was an amazing evening and thank you for the introduction to Karl!

What an amazing demonstration of your support and connection for all your friends.

Karl was fabulous and sang such meaningful songs. It was a beautiful evening.

What a gift! Thank you!

Thank you for a memorable night.

Karl, thank you for a magical night. Your music and love shine so brightly.

Thank you for sharing such a special source of serenity and joy with us.

It was a beautiful evening, so glad to celebrate with you.

I just want you to know I thought the concert was GREAT. It was a beautiful evening.