Saying goodbye to a best friend

Two of my best friends are Richard and Maureen Levy. This year Richard received a cancer diagnosis and now its several months later and he is days away from his death. I am with them during this sensitive time to be a support and to say goodbye to a best friend.

Some say, whatever we resist will cause us pain. Well, I must be resisting this chain of events because it surely is painful. I would prefer to have many more years of laughter with my buddy and Maureen deserves to have many more happy years with her husband.

When we are faced with an end of life situation much of humanity finds comfort in some form of afterlife scenario. I personally find it not helpful for it feels like it nudges aside the present moment for a wished for future time together. Whatever awaits us will be what whatever awaits us, know one really knows. And perhaps this uncertainty is what can connect us closer together if we would just own up to it. It is ok to say we don't know.

We are all doing the best we can with coping with an uncertain existence. Richard loved to say that he was existence, consciousness and bliss. For me, being as authentic and present as I can is what my friend and teacher Richard has taught me. I will continue to do my very best with that wonderful lesson. Thank you my friend for all the inspiration and for the years of laughter and for being my friend.