Happy Momma's Day

                    Flora from  Bagni di Lucca

                    Flora from

Bagni di Lucca

This year my family decided to honor our mother by traveling to the little town in Italy where she was born. Our mother died over twenty years ago and we have missed her deeply yet these past two weeks mom has felt closer then ever in our hearts. We have shared more stories and reminisced over more memories of our childhood then we have in a long long time.

I love my family and even when our personality differences tug and rub the wrong way I know they love me too. Our mom would have enjoyed watching us be together as much as she would have enjoyed seeing her old village square. Most of all I believe she would have loved to know after all these years her children have remained connected, supportive and loving. That is the Momma's Day gift we have for Flora from Bagni di Lucca. At the end of mom's life I wrote a song for her called LOVING ARMS. You can listen to a sample of it at this link

Happy Mother's Day to all of us,........ciao.